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Friday, June 12, 2015

Well Update

After nearly seven months of drilling and over a year of work, the test hole for the well on #12 is complete and at a depth of 1340'.  The well was tested last week for potential output and water quality, with results indicating the potential to produce 100-200 gal/min from water sources above 800’.  Below 800’ the test results indicate only limited amounts of brackish water.    Such tests do not actually test the water; surrounding rock formations are tested and from that data potential output and water quality is calculated. Actual output and water quality cannot be quantified until we develop and utilize the well.  

Possible Production
  • 100 gal/minute pumping 24hrs/day will produce 144k gallons
  • 200gal/minute pumping 24hrs/day will produce 288k gallons
  • We use an average of 300k gallons of water per day on the golf course, May-September

The information we have encourages us to complete the well to a depth of 800’, filling the hole below with concrete in order to prevent the brackish water from contaminating the usable water above 800’.  As stated throughout this entire process the well is not an absolute and may go dry or not recharge itself at any given time.   

We will not be able to utilize the well water or any other alternative source without a storage tank and a pump station. In order for us to develop such onsite infrastructure the Shareholders will need to approve the necessary funds. A detailed presentation of our options and a Shareholder vote are planned to take place within the next 90 days.

We appreciate your understanding during this process and look forward to completing the entire water project as soon as possible.  

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