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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cart Traffic

Every year during spring and fall aeration we remove all stakes, ropes and cart signs from the golf course.  The improved visual impact on the golf course during this period is dramatic from all vantage points.  We always try to limit the use of these tools but as the season goes on and compaction increases we tend to expand their use.  

The stakes, ropes and cart signs take up a significant amount of labor and resources.  We not only move them to divert traffic but we also move them everytime we mow these areas.  The rope is replaced several times a year and the cart signs are removed 3-4 times a year and pressure washed.

During a recent green committee meeting several ideas were proposed from experiences on other golf courses.  After discussing the ideas with Pasatiempo staff, board and committee members we decided to change how we direct traffic throughout the property.

Starting today you will see a 3' tall wood stake at the beginning and end of each hole.  Please take a moment to read the new cart policy below.  
  • Drive on the cart path as far as possible past the first stake   
  • Exit the cart path using the 90 degree rule and proceed to your ball
  • When off the cart path utilize the fairway as your primary driving area and avoid driving through the rough when possible
  • Exit before the last stake back to the cart path
  • Never drive through native areas or on designated walking paths

The stakes will only be successful with your participation.  Ken and his staff will do a great job getting the word out to members and guest in the pro shop and on the first tee.    We are treating this as a trial period and welcome input from the membership.  Please contact myself, Ken or Scott with any questions. 


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  1. Tbis will probably work with membership. But you have a lot of public play. What are the odds this works for them?

    And do you get a lot of walkers?