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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Water Restrictions Start Today

Superintendent Office

Today we begin stage 3 water restrictions in Santa Cruz.  Our allotment during stage 3 is 50% and based on a formula using real time weather data.  The allotment is not based on historical water usage or defined amounts.  Our current heat wave may seem like a bad time to start water rationing but our allotment increases when temperature rises.

We also turned off 225 irrigation heads today which equals 10% of our system.  This includes the driving range and the first 50-100 feet of most holes.  The greens, green surrounds and tees will continue to be irrigated at 100%.  The playability of the golf course should improve for most looking for longer drives and challenging approach shots.  

We ask all members and guests to avoid driving through stressed areas of the golf course.  We prefer you do not drive backwards when entering the fairway after you pass the ropes along the cart path and continue to avoid the native areas.

We are working on several long term alternative water sources.  We feel real progress is being made on several fronts.  Thank you for reading and check back soon!

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