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“A golf course should be made interesting and a good test of golf by the tilt of the greens and the character of the undulations.”

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hollow Vent

Today marks the first of 4 Mondays we close this summer for maintenance.  The golf course will reopen for play on each of these days at 1pm.  Maintenance Monday's are crucial for our department and the health of the golf course.

Today we vented the greens with a 1/4" hollow tine.  This process will assist with thatch management, gas exchange and water movement.   We follow the venting with a spray to help manage sodium and bicarbonate buildup.  The greens will be lightly top dressed on Wednesday.  We believe this process causes little disruption to the playability of the greens and will significantly help us maintain healthier greens throughout the summer.  We thank you for you understanding and support.

List of Procedures

  • Mow Greens
  • Vent Greens
  • Pickup Plugs and Blow Greens
  • Roll Greens
  • Spray Greens
  • Apply Amendments
  • Water Greens
  • Roll Greens Again in the Afternoon Just Before Play Resumes


Before the Roller

Jason applying Gypsum

Our goal is to maintain these roots throughout the summer!  

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