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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Where is El Nino?

The winter of 2015-2016 was sold as the Godzilla of all El Nino's.  We started off great with over 30" of rain.  Our average annual rainfall since 1948 is 30" which we exceeded on January 30th of this year.


November  4.25"
December  9.45"
January     16.85"

Total         30.55"
Then we hit February and received 2 rain events totaling 1".  So does this mean El Nino is a bust?  Historically, El Nino typically produces significant rain during March and April.

1997-1998  8"
1982-1983  20.25"
1957-1958  15.35"

Average       14.5"

If we receive average rainfall for an El Nino season over the next 60 days we could approach 45" making this the 5th wettest year since 1948.

The golf course is dry and ready to soak up some much needed rain.  The extended forecast looks promising with 4" of rainfall predicted over the next 7 days.  Course conditions will still be favorable heading into the weekend.  Dust off your rain gear and enjoy the golf course!

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