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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well Update

The well project has been slow going the past two weeks.  After changing the drill rig from a traditional drill to an air hammer, Maggiora Brothers were able to break through the granite and drill several hundred additional feet.  After breaking through the granite the well drillers decided to not case the well below the granite, thinking the material below the granite would be hard.  The material below the granite turned out to be very soft and the well collapsed.  The drill bit and several cones broke off and are stuck in the bottom of the well.  The well drillers tried to retrieve their equipment for over a week, with no success, as the well continued to collapse every time they went down.  Over the past several days they were able to case the rest of the well and are now attempting to retrieve the cones and drill bit.

We are currently at 800' and the well is producing 20-40 gal/minute.  This is far from the 200 gal/minute we are hoping for.  The data shows the majority of water to be at the 1200'-1300' depth.  We want to reiterate this is a test drill and there is the possibility we will not find any water.  As frustrating as this is it's completely out of our control.  Maggiora Brothers wants to complete this well as soon as possible so they can move on to their next job.  We will send out an update as soon as we find out any additional information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  1. I have no idea how wells work, but now I know that granite is something that you have to break through. Those must be some crazy powerful drills then. Even then they broke one and tried to get it. Sounds like one tough job for sure.