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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Well Exploration is Under Way

After almost 7 months of waiting the drilling started early this morning on the test well.  For the next 7-14 days the drill will make its way down 1500' through sand and rock.  Once the test well is complete we will send a device down to take measurements.  The data from this device will be analyzed and a well will be designed to accommodate the estimated production if any.  Even with the best technology available there is a possibility we will not hit water or enough to justify developing a well.
Please be aware of signage around the area.  It may be different from your last round.  Currently there is a white line painted across the front of the work area.  Everything above the white line in mandatory ground under repair.  Please do not get close to the equipment or engage workers.  The area is an active work site and can pose a danger.  If you have any questions about the well or the process please contact Justin Mandon or Scott Hoyt.

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