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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kitchen Sink

Today we completed several cultural practices on the greens during one of our maintenance days.  The overall goal, as with most cultural practices, is to manage thatch and improve air and water movement through the profile.  The deep verticut will remove thatch and thin out the surface of the greens.  This will give the sand top-dressing a great place to fill and improve the overall firmness of the greens.  The solid vent and flush is part of our monthly cultural program.  This is the first time we have attempted to complete all of these cultural practices at once.  

Today's Kitchen Sink,

1. Mow Greens
2. Double Verticut Greens
3. Blow Greens
4. Hollow Vent Greens 1/4" Tine
5. Roll Greens
6. Top-Dress Greens
7. Apply Amendments
8. Spray Greens with Wetting Agents and Fertilizers
9. Water in Everything at .3"
10. Wait a Few Hours and Roll all the Greens Again

None of this would be possible without our scheduled maintenance days.  The amount of time and labor required makes this procedure impossible during normal business hours.  It is our belief the greens remain very playable and will completely recover within in a few days.  Thank you of your patience and support.

Verticut 1st Time

Verticut 2nd Time
Material pulled from a single green one direction

Hollow Vent

Green after double verticut and hollow vent

After Top-Dress and Flush

After Top-Dress and Flush Closeup

Material Removed From Greens!! 

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