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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3D Digital Terrain Modeling

This week we are very excited to have Scott Pool, GreenScan 3D DBA Terra Shapers LLC, onsite developing a 3D digital terrain model of the greens and bunkers.  Our goal is to preserve the work completed during the restoration and to not repeat the difficult task of using old black and white photos for future restoration.

The accuracy of the 3D as-built model will be +/- .01 feet or 1/8".  The data will include the following,

1.     3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of each putting surface and surrounds in AutoCAD  DWG format.

2.     Color Slope Analysis map of putting surfaces at .1’ contour interval plotted to 1”=10’ scale

3.     Color Contour Map and Satellite Image .5' contour interval for green complex area surrounds and fairway bunkers.

I would like to thank Dean Gump for proposing this project last year.  The hard work of Tom Doak, Jim Urbina, Dean Gump, the board of directors and many others will now be preserved forever.  

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